Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sew with a Serger!

Crafty Wednesdays!

Wednesday April 29th, 7-9pm

Keep Creating @ Ally Bally Bee's Crafty Wednesdays!!

Join us for another fun evening out. In this workshop Sue Fow (resident artist - dog collars and sewn children's items) will teach you how to sew using a serger sewing machines. 

Have you ever noticed how well finished store bought clothing are? In the garment industry they use a machine called a SERGER. Sue will demonstrate how these machines sew, cut and finish the fabric in one step. Once you've used a serger you'll want to go out and buy your own! We'll use the machine to make a light weight infinity scarf and you'll be amazed at how professionally finished a serger can make your work look. You'll leave with your own scarf and no doubt be inspired to create more! 

Wednesday April 29th, 7-9pm
$25 ($12.50 material fee payable to the instructor on the night)
Please call the store at 203-493 5037 to register by Monday, 27th April.
Minimum of 4 people required 

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