Ally Bally Bee is a boutique market place for local artisans. The store operates as a co-op where we actively look for local talent and primarily work on space rental. Ally Bally Bee not only gives designers a wonderful storefront to sell their creations, but access to an educated customer and a support network of like-minded artisans to help them to build their business. Ally Bally Bee brings clients and creators together to share unique, thoughtfully designed products at an affordable price.  It allows customers to connect with and support local artisans in a fun environment… very different to mainstream shopping. 

The co-op is the creation of Morag Grassie, who after relocating to Connecticut from Scotland in 2006, put a scientific career of creative thinking on hold. As a research scientist Morag explored new concepts and developed drugs in challenging disease areas. Since moving to Connecticut she has focused her artistic energies in textiles, crafting unique purses, accessories and bespoke soft furnishings. “I just love sourcing and working with the color and textures found in fabric, but I miss people, teaching and working as a team. Ally Bally Bee brings all of these together for me”. 

In addition to the retail component of Ally Bally Bee, we have a separate workshop area where customers can increase their skill base in a range of techniques through work shops, classes and organized events. Where relevant, co-op artisans can share their skills in the workshop thus increasing their revenue stream, connecting with more clients and promoting their own brand.  

A small number of artisans can also work in the co-op in return for either an extra shelf allocation or a reduction in monthly rental. 

Ally Bally Bee Benefits:  

 A consistent and reliable storefront for current and new customers. 

 Increased visibility through press, marketing and events.

 A market place to test new ideas and designs 52 weeks a year. 

 Interaction with other artisan’s to share resources, inspire and encourage.

 Attend artisan’s events to hear success stories and compare thoughts.

 Opportunity to expand revenue streams through teaching in workshop.

 Workshop and retail space available for special events. 

We love meeting new artisans – please get in touch! 

Ready to be part of Ally Bally Bee? 

Application process.....

Email the following to 
 Company name and contact info 
 Description of your product including unique features 
 Link to website or 3 representative digital images   
 Any questions we can answer for you!  

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