artists at ally bally bee


Cynthia Alexander 

"In the late 70’s, while visiting Hong Kong, I began collecting Jade & semi-precious carved stones. It was there that I learned about the energies of stones and the symbolisms of their carvings. Cynthia Alexander llc was founded in 1996 and is named after my son and myself. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the energies of stones and the aromatherapy benefits of lavender. In keeping with my philosophy of the positive energies of stones, the Cynthia Alexander Collection includes a stunning line of jewelry, handmade lavender filled bejeweled silk pillows and personal accessories. Many of our earrings and toggle closures are our own unique castings. My focus is on creating timeless designs with a fresh look - collections which exude individual personality and romance. Cynthia Alexander is in the New Canaan Store."

Designs by Jess 


"I am from Fairfield Connecticut. I started making jewelry in 2007. I hunt and gather semi-precious stones and pearls and let their beauty take me in the direction in which i use them. Mostly classic designs with a new twist."

Emmy Starr


"I am drawn to simple designs made with classic sterling silver and timeless gemstones. Nothing too glitzy or showy, just lovely stones in graceful designs. I want my work to be comfortable and easy for women to wear, whether it's a day at work or a weekend date night out with friends. Jewelry should be a subtle complement to a woman's individual beauty, and the delicate nature of emmy starr designs echo that belief."

Erin Deluca Jewelry 

"I strive to create timeless pieces of jewelry that can be worn for generations to come. Elegant in their simplicity, often incorporating textures found in nature, I believe my jewelry is meant to be loved and worn daily.  The patinas and soft finishes created by the wearing of these pieces over time only help to increase the beauty of each piece. A piece of jewelry is often more than just an object of adornment; whether it is a celebration of love, a congratulatory offering, a remembrance of loved ones, or simply a feel good is full of sentimental value and I am honored to be a part of each story shared and created with a piece of my jewelry."

Galanta Jewels

"I am a self taught metalsmith from Norwalk, CT. I search for designer gemstones with unique patterns and construct my designs around them. My inspiration comes from life around me. I tend to attempt to capture memories that make me happy so that I can share them with people and hope that it brings a smile to their face. I define my style as eclectic, and my natural inclination is to let the beauty of the gemstones shine while complementing them with contrasting colors and textures. I also accept custom orders when possible."

Journey Gems 

"Since childhood, Amy Sophiella has been picking up stones and playing with rocks. Many years ago, from a desire to heal her own space and life, Amy rediscovered her love for gemstones and crystals and their healing powers. With perfect synchronicity, Amy then discovered her natural affinity for playing with fire and all sorts of tools to birth her beautiful metal creations! Marrying the two together brings her such joy. She adores sharing her creativity, love of all things holistic and interest in energy and the way it plays in the world through her artisan creations to truly empower her journey and yours! Amy has been an avid student of the holistic healing arts her entire life and all things nature related. Any new information she learns is generally integrated and reflected in her creative work. This helps her continue growing as an artist and share her empowering creations with the world to bring light to others.  She uses precious and semi-precious gemstones, copper, sterling and brass, and fused glass in her creations."

KMC Jewelry Design 

"My family enjoys working with their hands: building, gardening, cooking, and “puttering around the house or yard.”   While growing up, I also took pleasure in working with my hands, but in the more traditional creative arts: drawing, needle arts, quilting, and dancing.  This love for the creative process led me to pursue a career in the fashion industry.    Even as a young child, jewelry has always fascinated me.  I loved the sparkle and beautiful colors found in gemstones and crystals.  When mom was not looking, her jewelry box was under attack!  How many necklaces, earrings and bracelets could I possibly pile on to my body?  My fascination with jewelry kept me on a continual search for pieces that I felt connected to, were unique, and handmade.  This passion for these treasures led to my first “how to" class and I was hooked! Creating jewelry soon became a haven where I could escape my extremely stressful career and bring some balance back into my life.  A few years have passed since my first jewelry class and now I am creating those unique gemstone pieces that are inspired by the beauty of stones themselves."

LMM Design 

"Lori Meehan, the metalsmith and designer behind LMM Design, creates handcrafted jewelry using 24K gold, fine silver, silver, copper, and gemstones. Looking for a creative release while working in the hectic NYC television industry, she discovered the art of making jewelry. A few years later her love (addiction) for working with metal began. Much of her creativity and designs are inspired by nature.  “I enjoy the process of taking a flat piece of metal or a straight piece of wire and creating shapes, forms, textures and sculptures.”

Margaret Brady

"Margaret Brady is a part-time jewelry instructor at Silvermine Art Guild in New Canaan, CT.  Her jewelry is generally hand-made sterling pieces that incorporate stones and coins.  Margaret’s pieces tend to have a more organic, individual look as many of them are made by pouring molten sterling silver into water, salt, and natural bristles such as broom corn. Margaret Brady has her pieces in the New Canaan store."

New Territory Jewelry 

"I’m a self taught metalsmith with a passion for designing and creating unusual and beautiful one of a kind jewelry. My entire life I've been interested in fashion, design, painting, decorating and anything creative. New Territory Jewelry is a culmination of those passions. I find my inspiration everywhere! I keep a sketchbook for when that moment happens! I try to approach each day by exploring and welcoming the unexpected."

Sabina Furst Designs 

"Sabina's designs are sparked by her travels around the world from the New England coast, to the coasts of Italy, India, and Indonesia. With a passion for gemstones, shells and pearls, she enjoys merging classic with modern designs, blending color, shape and texture into her versatile, wearable jewelry. Customers not only encounter pieces with lustrous gemstones in unique color combinations, but also experience a sense of Sabina's joie de vivre.  Her style is a fresh, light take on bohemian-chic that's fun and colorful, yet sophisticated and elegant."

Tied in Chains 

"Tied in Chains is unique, handmade jewelry featuring various sizes and styles of chain, silk and cotton threadwork, leather cord, pearls, quartz, Swarovski crystals, gold & silver beads, and other mixed media. All pieces are hand-crafted by Lauren Mullaney using a variety of techniques including wire-wrapping, braiding, crocheting, weaving and chain-making. Many are one of a kind colorways and/or designs in a constant effort to develop unique multilayer pieces with variations in depth and texture. All products are handmade using nickel-free silver, gold and gunmetal plated brass chains. All threadwork is handwaxed before weaving for added durability."

Esha New York

"I was born in France and grew up in Japan.  I have been deeply impressed by flamboyance in French art while drawn to the simplicity of Japanese designs.  My work is a balance between the need to be debonair within the boundaries of simple gravitas. I consider jewelry as an art where one can enhance both its quality and it’s artistry by bringing together a variety of materials, color, and texture.  These three facets combine in a unique form to create an art that accentuates the beauty of a person who wears it."


Annamari Mikkola 


"Annamari Mikkola is a nationally recognized jewelry designer and art director, and one of the pioneers using advanced 3D techniques in jewelry design. Drawing inspiration from themes as varied as nature, history and mythology, Mikkola aims to create jewelry that is comfortable, yet conceptually powerful. Her necklace Nymphaea was selected to be a finalist in the prestigious Saul Bell Design Award competition for jewelry design. Her jewelry reflects the Scandinavian minimalistic esthetics and form. A certified PMC artisan, Mikkola completed a design certification at the NYU and also studied design at Rhode Island School of Design and School of Visual arts. She earned her master’s degree from the University of Turku, Finland. Her art has been featured in the New York Times and she has exhibited her fine art photography internationally."

Bead Free Forever


"Marion Unangst's expertise mainly derives from working as a Store Manager, Window Designer & Visual Merchandizer for 11 years. In 2002 she opened her own women & children’s boutique in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Then right before her first baby was born she embarked on a new adventure and moved to the US with her husband. BeadFreeForever was born in 2013 after a very inspirational vacation to Cape Cod, MA, “I walked into a jewelry store and knew instantly that designing and making my own jewelry line was what I wanted to do”. The inspiration started with a bead. That bead became a clip-bead and when put together with the lariat, it becomes a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn in various styles. It can wrap around your neck, wrist, waist or even worn as a headpiece. This unique, handmade, versatile jewelry will have endless possibilities. Today we have many different styles besides the lariat. We have necklaces with toggle clasps, wrap bracelets that can be worn as necklaces as well. Lots of jewelry made with leather, earrings and jewelry for boys and girls. We are working on men bracelets as well."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mori & Me 

"I will never forget the first piece of jewelry I fell in love with. It was a gift that a classmate had been given by her aunt, a delicate gold chain with tiny pearls stationed throughout. That was when it all started. I was only in fifth grade but it was the beginning of a passion. Soon I had my own jewelry collection which continued to grow over the years. I realized very quickly how something so small could make you feel so special. It wasn't until many years later that I started designing my own pieces. Still inspired by that first necklace, I found myself often combining pearls with other elements such as leather, natural stones and metals such as sterling silver and 24kt gold vermeil. Many of my pieces are hand knotted in silk or leather. I love variety and when you see my collection I hope there is a piece that you find that makes you feel a little more special than before."

Bearly 'N Stitches

"As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by maps and images that represented historical or vacation destinations. I'm not really sure when I started collecting postcards but I did it without any specific purpose in mind. I just loved them and they made me feel happy, nostalgic and inspired with infinite possibilities.  Last year I decided to fulfill a dream  that had been in my mind for a long time, and so along with my husband, we reinvented my business Bearly 'N Stitches. We now create pillows using vintage postcard images.  All of the destination and wedding pillows are handmade in Connecticut using 100% Belgian linen. The destination collection features images of popular vacation spots, US states and much more.  The wedding collection is very special to us. We were inspired by our daughter's wedding to create a line of pillows commemorating a beautiful moment for a couple. We have an extensive line of vintage wedding postcards to draw from and we embellish the pillows with pieces of vintage lace and trims, many from actual wedding dresses that we repurpose.  We also take custom orders so special family heirlooms can be incorporated into the pillow as well. Our new pillow collections are designed to make you smile as you remember a wonderful time in your life or a hope or dream for the future!"

Branch & Bloom


"I have had a love for flowers for as long as I can remember. It’s in my genes. My paternal grandmother took her flowerbeds very seriously and I can still see the various Black-Eyed Susans layered in Grandma Susan’s front yard. As a young child, she’d often ask me to help her weed, though I much preferred clipping the various long stems and bringing them into her home to “play” with. Flowers simply make me happy. Their natural beauty and scent are immediate mood boosters for me. Our mission at branch & bloom is to spread flower joy to you in a way that is both convenient and affordable."


"Elissa lives in Easton Ct. with her two boys, Sam and Noah, her husband John and dog Oliver.

Imaginariums by Elissa, began out of a passion for plants, gardening and a love for design. For most a punch bowl is just that, a punch bowl. For me it is a vessel waiting to be filled with color, texture, life and its very own story to tell.  I hope that these tiny worlds, made with much love, will bring pleasure and happiness into your home."

Nutmeg Naturals 

"My name is Jennifer and I’m the owner-operator at Nutmeg Naturals.  I officially launched my business in 2011 due to allergies caused by commercial soaps and laundry products, but I have been making these products for my own family long before that. My goal was to make products that worked just as well as the commercially-available ones, but without all the harsh ingredients."

Truly You 

"Truly You is a natural and organic skin care company based in New Canaan, CT. The company was founded by a 13-year-old entrepreneur who became passionate about using organic and natural products, after having multiple breakouts on her skin as a result of battling eczema. "Ever since I was a little baby, I have experienced the difficulties that come with having eczema. Dermatologist appointments, one after the other. As I started to get older I was told that I would soon grow out of this skin irritation, but that still came at a cost. When my friends and I would go shopping together, all they wanted to do was go to the beauty store and try out the latest hand cream or body wash. It was different for me though. My skin couldn't handle all the chemicals and perfumes within those products. So that's how Truly You was born when I was 13 years old. Out of a desire to be able to enjoy the same things, but without the harm to my skin. We believe in revealing beauty naturally. We are passionate about using organic and natural ingredients. We hope to set an example for the next generation."



Anita Designs 

"I created this line of rustic linen home goods as a tribute to my heritage. My family were farmers in Lithuania and they raised sheep and grew flax. Both of which they processed and created beautiful linen and wool textiles. I use a heavy rustic 100% linen and I only use the natural and bleached. I designed the line and made all the pieces simple without fancy stitching. After we make everything, I wash it, dry and press each piece, then stamp them with fabric paint and rubber stamps. All are very iconic images. We do brown, blue and burgundy stamps. The fabric paint is  a non toxic medium used for silk screening. Once heat set into the fibers it is permanent and will not wash out. All our linen is washable and dry cleanable. Since every piece is stamped by hand, variation in color and texture is common and is considered to add to the handmade charm of the piece."

Caroline Christie 

"Gracefully, tentatively, these powerful animals dance around one another on vast prairies bathed in the golden light of day. Watching these gentle giants, they seem like creatures from a bygone era. Watching them, I discover how much I share in common with these tender, regal, free spirited animals. Silently I sit on the dusty ground, trying to conceal myself in a gnarly juniper bush as I watch two painted stallions fight for the rights of a perfect mare with a tousled flaxen mane and hypnotic eyes. The challenge leads to a chase of flying manes and thundering hoofbeats. Some of the locations where I photograph the wild horses include The North Dakota Badlands, The Sand Wash Basin in North West CO, the Mc Cullough Peaks of Northern Wyoming, The Pryor Mountains in Montana, the Salt River in Arizona, Cumberland Island,Georgia and the shores of Assateague Island in Maryland. My studio is located in the hill town of Colrain, MA."

Curious Clay Creations

"You can find Carole at the corner of Twisted and Whimsical! Carole is a polymer clay mixed media artist since 2009. Carole loves all the style variations that you can achieve with polymer clay: but her true love and most creative is the Steampunk style. Carole’s pieces have been in several issues of Just Steampunk magazine. She has also written many tutorials for Polymer Café, as well as several articles for The Polymer Arts Magazine. Carole has been named one of the Design Squad members for Sculpey clay from2014 -2015 she has been working with Makin’s Clay as a design team member since 2015. Carole is a member of the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild, and a proud member of the International Polymer Clay Guild."

New Beginnings Sea Glass 

"At a time when my life is finally moving along at a simpler rhythm I’ve got a chance to reinvent myself, in a simple way ~ by combining my love for walks on the beach and the joy of finding sea glass with creating simple beach cottage designs that reflect the simplicity, the tranquility and the beauty of the beach. Not only is it a new beginning for each piece of sea glass I find, but it’s also a new beginning for me as well."

Pam Elkow 

"I make fun, colorful, unique handmade jewelry with my own handmade glass beads or fused glass - pendants, rings, earrings, cuff links. I also make fused glass dishes, bowls, coasters. If it can be made with glass, I'm trying to figure out how to do it!"

Wendy MacCordy 

"Wendy majored in Art History and Fine Arts at Dickinson College and then continued her studies at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Wendy currently teaches at many art schools including, Silvermine Arts Center. Originally an oil painter, Wendy switched to watercolor as she discovered she loves the challenge, complexity and unforgiving beauty of the watercolor medium.  Wendy has received increasing recognition for her work and regularly accepts commissioned assignments.  Over the past several years, she has created treasured portraits of children, homes, pets, vacation spots, and boats.  Her work has appeared in many juried art shows in the area."


artwork & ceramics

clothing & accessories

Camilla Klein 

"When I’m threading beads, cutting glass or laying down tile, I find myself in a place where time stands still. I am in the eye of the storm, the center of the kaleidoscope. This is where I find joy.

Each one of my mosaic belt buckles is handmade at my dining room table in Westport, Connecticut using beautiful elements, including natural beads, Moroccan Nano tiles, stained glass shards, Italian Millefiori, metal findings and gemstones. Each one is unique. I hope that when you wear one, you will be inspired to find joy too."

Deb Owen 

"I am Deb Owen, artist behind Heart Inspired Art. My heart was first opened up to the beauty and power of the creative process through designing floor cloths 20 years ago. From that time on my journey has taken me down many pathways inspiring a variety of projects and products along the way. The one common thread inherent in each creative endeavor was the intention to bring inspiration and a feeling of well-being and happiness to the recipient. Fast forward to now! For the past 5 years my heart and hands have been making mittens from felted sweaters. Once again, my hope is not only to bring warmth to cold hands during the long winter months but to cultivate a warmth and joy within one’s heart as well! My mittens can be found in both the Ridgefield and New Canaan galleries in the Fall."

Hopewell Designs 

"It all started with a relaxing girls weekend to New Orleans a few years back. As I strolled down the cobble streets, window shopping with my two sisters, a beautiful piece of jewelry caught my eye. The artist utilized vintage items to create widely unique necklaces. I was so inspired and decided to try to make necklaces for my sisters that Christmas. I had so much fun hunting, collecting and shopping for these one of a kind pieces to create each necklace, I was hooked!"

Mo Bags 

"I have been sewing & knitting since I was very young. My mother was a home economics teacher so I learned a lot from her by osmosis but it was my grandma who taught me to knit and mostly everything else is self taught. I have a range of textile products at Ally Bally Bee - it started with purses made from upholstery grade fabric, but I now also make yarn wrap scarves, giant knitted blanket/throws and some apparel. I founded ABB in June 2012 and opened a second location in New Canaan in March 2017. In my “other life” I was a research scientist developing novel drugs for unmet needs. My last project was developing an antidepressant/ antipsychotic…. But I also worked on the human genome project. I use lots of my research skills to find out how to do things including my crafts and running a successful business."

Stephanie Lauren 

"I started making children's items such as my very useful crayon rolls which are priceless in a restaurant or doctors office, my soft Minky blankets or my bibs made out of food safe material with snaps which make cleaning a breeze. As a grandmother of five and dog mother of three I make what members of my family use and love making it easy to sell my creations with confidence."



 Ken Rist

"I have been building furniture and cabinetry for over 20 years.  During 2006 I joined the Nutmeg Woodturners League and focused on woodturning. During 2006 I also discovered pewtersmithing and immediately became fascinated with the metal fabrication process.  Through trial and error I improved my skills in working with multiple aspects of pewtersmithing including metal spinning, soldering, and casting. My focus of pewter products are jewelry boxes, jewelry holders, dishes, and other various pewter items.  Sometimes I like to mix materials by using wood, stone, acrylic, stainless steel and other materials with the pewter designs; which enhance the overall visual appeal of my creations. I enjoy the feeling and excitement when a customer buys one of my pieces and I hope they enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making my creations for them."

Rob Roy Designs 

Bob Meny is a custom woodworker, furniture-maker and woodturner located in Redding,  CT.   When not turning solid or segmented salad bowls crafted from both local and other exotic wood species,  Bob can most probably be found on the waterfront practicing his trade of sailboat rigging or else working on some other marine or architectural related project.  He holds a Masters from Columbia University in Classical Art History and Archaeology.  Rob Roy Design is dedicated to the principles of sustainability and good design and Bob holds two patents, one for Waterboot, a sailboat product which is sold online to sailboats worldwide and a solar technology product prototype for which he is seeking investment for a launch.  All bowls by Rob Roy design are meticulously hand turned and finished with walnut oil, making them perfectly food safe and easily maintained.

Dennis Taylor 

"I turn blocks of wood into hand carved folk art items.  All carvings are done using primarily a single carving knife and an occasional hand tool called a gouge.  No sand paper or smoothing devices are used except on my comfort birds.  Carvings are shaped with only the cutting edge of the tool used. I carve a range of characters and items, but focus most on Christmas, Halloween, other major holidays and “comfort birds.” Carvings are made from primarily from basswood, the wood most valued by carvers for its favorable qualities.  Each piece of wood is unique, with its own set of characteristics and occasional flaws imbedded within it, such as where the natural wood grain changes direction or veins are uncovered.  All of these conditions combine to make each carving unique and give it its natural character and distinctive handmade look.  Carvings are finished with highly diluted colors so the wood grain and hand carved texture show.  Each carving is finished with two coats of a special blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and walnut oil that is non-toxic and food safe, then hand buffed to give it a satin sheen.  Comfort birds are given 5-7 coats of hand rubbed polyurethane to produce their exceptionally smooth finish.


baby and children

Southern Yankee 

"I’m a Texas girl and sewing's in my DNA. My mother taught me how to sew when I was a young girl, just as her mother taught her years before. I learned on my grandmother’s Bernina, and when I graduated from high school, I used my graduation money to buy my own machine. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been designing and sewing up clothes and accessories for my friends and myself. I’m a Southerner, and my husband is a Yankee, so in 1999, I decided to call my company Southern Yankee. Since then I’ve been creating one-of-kind handmade accessories and children’s clothing using vintage linens and other up-cycled fabrics. I love making all sorts of new things from old things. I hope ya'll love my creations as much as I enjoy designing and sewing them."



Noreen Mola 

Noreen Mola is an artist who specializes in fine animal portraiture.  A native of CT, her award winning work has appeared in numerous collections worldwide.  Her portraits are in the collection of Martha Stewart, Senator and Mrs. Blumenthal, Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, and Phil Collins to name a few. Noreen studied at Parsons School of Design as well as several regional artists.  Her longstanding work with animal protection and rescue has also provide her many opportunities for study and her great love of animals is reflected in the sensitivity of her work.  "My artistic aim" says Noreen, "is to discover the special qualities which distinguish your companion for all others and to acknowledge that uniqueness." Noreen Mola works from her studio in Redding, CT.  Her portraits of dogs, cats and horses may be commissioned directly with the artist.

Stephanie Lauren

"I started making dog collars and leashes thirteen years ago when I got my first Havanese. I thought she was so adorable but I could not find any pretty enough to do her justice so I started making my own. I now make them in all sizes. I only use jacquard ribbon which is sturdy and beautiful at the same time. I also started making children's items such as my very useful crayon rolls which are priceless in a restaurant or doctors office, my soft Minky blankets or my bibs made out of food safe material with snaps which make cleaning a breeze. As a grandmother of five and dog mother of three I make what members of my family use and love making it easy to sell my creations with confidence."



Saltbox Press 

"Letterpress printing dates back to the 15th.  It is done by inking a plate with a raised surface of type or images and pressing this inked surface into a sheet of paper, creating a beautiful debossed impression. Each piece is hand-fed, one color at a time and one piece at a time on one of my 60-year-old presses, a Chandler & Price Pilot press and a Vandercook #4 proofing press.  The result is a lovely card with a soft, lush feel because the paper is 100% cotton.  My love of paper started with watercolor and my love of printing grew from there. Being able to create something beautiful and useful is a joy."



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